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This just in, fresh from the Zappa List:

My copy of the ZPZ DVD arrived today with TWO disc Twos & NO disc One. Has this happened to anyone else? What would be the best way to contact the ZFT to let them know of the error? — David

How’s that for a fuck-up? Foo-eee! As for me, I’ve yet to receive my copy of Zappa Wazoo (and Trance-Fusion, and The Dub Room Special CD; yes I’m a slow buyer), even though Barfko-Swill mailed me on November 2nd saying:

Your order has been shipped by IMEX STANDARD.

Apparently the “IMEX STANDARD shipping method” involves a detour via Ouagadougou, then Zimbabwe through to Machu Pichu via Saskatchewan — skipping Siberia, if you’re lucky. Oh and obviously my credit card has already been charged, regardless of whether I actually received the goodies.

What are your experiences with regard to ZFT/Barfko-Swill product delivery?

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  1. We’ve ordered this summer together with a few friends (Buffalo, Halloween), it arrived all right, although a few days (weeks? Not sure) late.
    Now we are waiting for our Wazoos…

  2. I ordered Wazoo from G&S on Sunday and got it on Tuesday. They provide a much more reliable service than any I have experienced from barfko-swill, although to be fair they are in the same country as me.

  3. MusicToday has crappy shipping options, period. It is treated as a profit center instead of a service. That is all well and good, but the problem is they use poor quality shipping materials; meaning there is a good chance your package could arrive damaged (like my Wazoo did…which I had to return…and which they haven’t even re-sent as they are so behind with the returns they have received). They need to understand that the handful of people out there that still actually buy ceedees want them in mint shape. I pray they use a corrugated conatiner when they re-send my Wazoo…

  4. With “G & S” I never had any problems. The prices are not “higher”, but the overseas shipping is dearer ! That´s for sure.

    My order at “Barfko-Swill” some time ago were 2 t-shirts and “FZ:OZ” and this came in bit by bit. Took me phone calls to L.A. to sort everything out fine for me.

  5. I haven’t had any issues with Barfko-Swill in the past. Dub Room Special got to me in about 5 days standard mail and I Ordered Buffalo right after it was released and got it in a few days with no problem.

  6. I ordered a t-shirt the same time I ordered FZ:OZ. Got OZ alright, took a few months of wrangling to get the t-shirt. I would get an e-mail saying “can you confirm your name and address?” which I would do, then hear nothing until I e-mailed again, then the process would repeat. I got fed up getting nowhere, so I e-mailed Gail. I then had to confirm my name and address again (I didn’t move during this period!) then I finally got my t-shirt and a bunch of other goodies thrown in (the Drafted single, another t-shirt, some No-D glasses and stuff), which I was chuffed about. Fun experience!

  7. Disc 2wo and no disc 1ne. Sounds like a fuck up at the point of production to me (where’s the quality control ZFT?).

    As for receiving Wazoo. Took the usual 8 weeks (and the long detour through customs–hey, it might’ve been a terrorist package, Barry). And when it did arrive, it came in the flimsiest cardboard packaging I’ve ever seen (add to that the fact that Vaulternative packaging isn’t the sturdiest, either) I was surprised the CDs were in one piece. Seems like the ZFT are cutting corners and doing things on the cheap.

    Long gone are the days when I could just stroll into my friendly neighbourhood record store and pick up the latest Frank Zappa LP release…remember those sturdy mothers?

  8. The last thing I ordered was the big MOFO… I’ve never had any outrageous delays, but I’ve always pre-ordered. Maybe that helps.

  9. I feel lucky living in the UK as G and S are brilliant. I emailed Dave late on Friday and had myself a hot Wazoo by Monday morning! Sometimes it does take a while for the ZFT to send them new releases though.


  10. “urbangraffito”: Long gone are the days when I could just stroll into my friendly neighbourhood record store and pick up the latest Frank Zappa LP release…remember those sturdy mothers?

    — I light a candle for you, my friend ! —

  11. No problems for me with delivery to the UK either. I gave up on the local record shops a long time ago as the “Z” section is always the same: ZZ Top’s Greatest Hits, Cheap Thrills, Son of Cheep Thrills, Strictly Commercial, Joe’s Garage and the odd Yes album which someone didn;t put back in the right place.

  12. Barry,

    Yes, G&S do operate out of the UK. I don’t have a clue how the prices compare. I suppose with the dollar so weak it might be better to get it direct from the US but I do know that when G&S say something is in stock and you make an order, then you get it quickly. That’s worth something to me.

  13. It took a while but my Wazoo reached Australia in one piece. & it was worth the wait, with mainly strong tracks.

    You are right about the packaging, & even more frustrating than the cardboard is the size – will not fit into a CD rack – it is wider & longer than a standard jewel case

  14. The basic prices might be lower at Barfko Swill/Music Today than from G&S Music but after you add on shipping, VAT, Excise Duty and the Post Office handling charge it is cheaper overall to buy from G&S in the UK (and within the EU). Plus they are a darn sight more reliable!

  15. I ordered the ZPZ DVD and Wazoo through Barfko Swill (or more accurately, the MusicToday fullfillment service.) I received the DVD but no CD. I e-mailed the customer service department with no reply. I phoned. “Are you the guy who called this morning?” Uhm…no. “We’ll get a replacement out right away”. I had to confirm my address on the phone and via another e-mail. I finally got CD.

    BTW – What are the year references by the track listing? I thought I would find the reference in Gail’s liner notes.

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