Remember Remember The 7th November

On this day…

  • … 150 days of a Belgium without a governement, facing an unprecedented political crisis
  • … in 1991 Frank Zappa announced to the world that he suffered from prostate cancer
  • … at around 8:30 in the morning I had a minor accident, when a car bumped against mine, as I was getting out of the garage (just some scratches on the front bumper)

Can we fast-forward to November 8th please?

13 thoughts on “Remember Remember The 7th November”

  1. …see also: November 7“1917 – Russian Revolution: In Petrograd, Russia, Bolshevik leaders Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky lead revolutionaries in overthrowing the Provisional Government (As Russia is still using the Julian Calendar, subsequent period references show an October 25 date).
    In school in the old days we always had a day off and some celebrations because of it.

  2. Yes,Balint, you’re absolutely right. The October Revolution happened to take place in November. Nobody can deny that this was a major event. For the worse & the better.

    Just as J. Christ was born in February, the Christians – while taking over the pagan Light Day, 25.12, for their own interests, made forget that elementary fact.

    Thus for bloggers: there’s a world to discover making use of this technique. Anniversaries ( even old ones) might be interesting as they spur future oriented thinking. They capture imagination. This is not as insane as it looks.
    It’s not really scientific, it’s popular wisdom. It’s about coincidences.

    For instance: what happened on 4th Dec, the day FZ died? Quite a lot:

    Just a few examples: the same day – in 1576- Georg Joachim von Lauchen Rheticus ( Hungarian mathematician) died. So did Benjamin Britten ( UK composer in 1976) and yes, Richelieu ( 1642) and even Thomas Hobbes ( 1679). In Belgium : the innovator Adrien De Gerlache ( 1934).

    Innovation = making new combinations.


  3. Mtiberio, nobody noticed.

    Let’s pursue paraphernalia, ie ” play ” a bit. Let’s behave just as we truly believe in superstition.

    Edgar Varese died on the 6th Nov. Another INVI in due time to say: keep carrying on.

  4. Sorry about your accident Barry.

    Appreciate that Al.

    150 days without a government in Belgium. Did anyone notice?

    Well bernard he who floats in the sacred realms of intellectually orgasmic self-appointed superiority, apparently didn’t. Think he was ” ie ‘ playing ‘ a bit “.

    The rest of us belgians, trust me, we noticed.

  5. Barry, I’ve noticed the goings on in Belgium. Reminds me very much of the long standing difficulties that the Canadian Federation has had with separatist governments in the province of Quebec (perhaps your politicians can learn something from us about learning how to live together in a pluralistic, multicultural society).

  6. Just as J. Christ was born in February, the Christians – while taking over the pagan Light Day, 25.12, for their own interests, made forget that elementary fact.

    Oh here comes Greggery, Greggery Peccary that nocturnal gregarious wild swine

  7. hahahahaha…this is a crazy entry to read today.


    And until right now i thought the only things worth mentioning about today was the FZ announcement, Joni MItchell was born today, and it’s often election day (ahem, who can buy the presidency day) in the USA.

    sorry about your accident Barry!!

  8. Conceptual continuity alert! Didn’t I read somewhere that FZ and Joni were hip partners at one time, or am I off my joint Barry?

  9. joni’s nice… elecion day what rubbish– democracy is deader than tuthankammon’s farts
    john lennon reference in the post title– john’s so fucking great too
    oh well… i like simian mobile disco when a nice looking chick is dancing and smiling at me…

  10. At least this should have affect on our yearly tax ammount. The time for having no governement should be no paymant for the (?) leaders… That’s allmost a half year, with that money saved i could expand my Zappa collection.

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