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  1. I like this kind of deconstruction very much.

    Just one example of the contrary: turning a simple march into joyfull music for a +/- weird ensemble. It’s The Washington Post March from J. P. Sousa. By the way I played in the local fanfare when I was 14. New version : on Bill Frisells “Have A Little Faith In Me “CD( 1993), instruments are electric guitar, bass clarinet, accordion, bass & drums.
    Great record by the way. If you’re into popular music: they also play Madonna’s ” Live To Tell”, just beside Aaron Copland and C. Ives.

  2. Just another great example of deconstructing very good “pop” music to something else is : Gil Evans.

    For instance J. Hendrix’s music on his studio CD ” GE plays the music of JH”. E

    Even better : the live CD, recorded in Germany ” Little Wing”: #3 & #4 are JH’s music played on tuba ( Bob Stewart) with 10 man orchestra.

  3. Within this framework : the good news about FZ is that he refused drugs & other ambient madness in real life. He just kept composing. Sober.

    Gil Evans, as ” arranger” i e colouring musical output, should have recorded an album with both Miles Davis and Jimmy Hendrix. That was the schedule. Everything was ready.
    However JH died 3 days before the initiatial session.
    There are no good GE sites. What’s left is :
    And minor things on You Tube.

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