Album Art Grabber

Need a good quality version of a certain album’s artwork? Been browsing Google’s image search ’til your eyes bled? Album Art Grabber to the rescue. It works by querying Apple’s iTunes database, and returns images up to 1425x1425px and above. Obvious caveat: only artwork for albums which are for sale from within the iTunes store can be downloaded — which means no Frank Zappa.

7 thoughts on “Album Art Grabber”

  1. Bálint: as luck would have it, Dr Sharl and I recovered the OSFA CD just yesterday (it was buried somewhere underneath her “Genesis-when-Peter-Gabriel-was-still-part-of-the-band” stack of CDs). The booklet inside, as I’m sure you know, has a reproduction of the star map measuring 24 x 24 cm. I could scan this for you at high-res if you want — but what’s keeping you from scanning that image yourself, provided you own the CD? In any case, I’ll scan it for you if for some reason you’re not able to. Just let me know. :)

  2. “as I’m sure you know” – No! I did not know!!! Wow!!!
    I DO have the CD, but it seems to be an old (?) Ryko release, with a tiny star map only! Here it is.
    So: YES!!! I’d be pleased to have a nice scan of this wonderfül map!!!!

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