Later Works

The new Japanese Zappa Box is out. It’s called “Zappa Box – Later Works” and it looks beautiful. Nothing new, just very, very beautiful.

Including Does Humour Belong In Music?; Playground Psychotics; Ahead Of Their Time; The Yellow Shark; The Lost Episodes; Have I Offended Someone? – with a 195 page booklet. But… what for?…

9 thoughts on “Later Works”

  1. About music – known stuff.
    What about booklet? Any new stuff? essays, interviews or what?

  2. Looks to be an exquisite package, I agree, “Ahead” and “Playground” have no purpose there, though they’re counting via release and not via era. It’s a shame that “Civilisation” and “Everything’s Healing” couldnt be included, replace “Does Humour” and/or “Did I Offend” with The LSO (if you got rid of both) or “Perfect Stranger” (to get rid of “Does Humour”)- now that would stand best as his ‘later works’. Then again, Frank’s work is so complex, you would have to account for the 88 band and post-humous releases that he produced, though it’d be nice to see a box of the orchestral/synclavier records put out.

  3. Looks as though this is purely a Ryko release (given the particular cds in the box set). Why? Barry’s right… Money. Why else would Ryko repackage FZ’s works this way? The only thing new there, so it seems, is the 195 page booklet (but the terminal cynic in me thinks that to is probably just rehashed photos and promotional data).

  4. # Jamez Says:
    September 18th, 2007 at 11:48 am

    The questionis, is there any video footage of Zappa from Japan i.e. Osaka 1975?

    He would have first had to play in Osaka in 1975 in order for there to be video footage of it.

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