9 thoughts on “Düsseldorf ’82”

  1. I do not particularly like people who do not like Germany or who are limiting themselves to cliches such as beer & sauerkraut.
    Things like : ” Everybody knows that Belgians get up early in the morning to eat frites ( = french fries) , Germans: exactly the same for sauerkraut”.

    Take FZ. Who provided him with an awful lot of money allowing him to implement his latest ideas ( amongst others Yellow Shark)? The Germans.

  2. hey Jamez, did you and ze German get any jizz upon that sofa sofa?
    hope you boyz didn’t— feuer!

  3. In addition to wahat Bernard said, don’t forget the Germans also named a street after Zappa (in Berlin), unlike my politically correct fellow Englishmen!

  4. the toons?

    they seem well done. over
    easy. palatable & stayin’ alive.
    germans, sicilians, dutch,
    vietnamussian, iraqolumbia,
    americanitis. i like songs.

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