UMRK Rehearsals ’81

I’m In The Mood For Love. All Night Long. Filthy Habits. We’re Turning Again. Provided these tunes — 1981 style — suit your fancy, you are in for a real treat.

With thanks as always to KUR’s resident bootleg aficionado Gilles, we present UMRK’s August ’81 rehearsals — featuring Lisa Popeil no less.

All week long, grab while hot, you know the drill…

8 thoughts on “UMRK Rehearsals ’81”

  1. Nothing moremusically instructve than rehearsals.

    For instance: Stravinsky conducting his own scores. You can find it on Internet.

    By the way rap belongs to the jazz heritage. Just have a look at jazz ( male , they’re not truly plentiful ) singers in the 30 & 40 ties. They invented the ” genre”.

  2. all night long is a hoot!

    yes these are a great insight into the way frank & the band du jour would practise/build a composition up piece by piece, adding things in as inspiration would strike!

  3. Zappa’s rehearsals are fun to listen to.
    1 Don’t know if it’s ‘Joes Crappage’ material,
    but anyone that don’t like it, can LUMP it.

    It beats the shit out of listening to P/O.

  4. Was Igor Stravinsky the first white rapper?
    I dunno but his music is pretty cool
    although he sounds a little like Senor Wences
    “I don’t hear very well the flute”
    Seriously though:
    Much of this peice sounds like it influenced zappa heavily when he wrote “this won’t take long, just a few questions” from 200 motels.
    close the box

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