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- 3 Nights In Phily Part 1:  front  back

- 3 Nights In Phily Part 2:  front  back

- 3 Nights In Phily Part 3:  front  back

- 3 Nights In Phily Part 4:  front  back

- 3 Nights In Phily Part 5:  front  back

- 3 Nights In Phily Part 6:  front  back


- A Snail In My Nose:  front  back  inside

- A Token Of His Extreme:  front

- A Vegetable By Any Other Name:  front  back

- Ahoy Rotterdam:  front  back

- All You Need Is Glove:  front & back

- American Pageant:  front  back

- An Evening With... Frank Zappa And Captain Beefheart:  front  back  inside

- Another Cheap Aroma:  front

- Anyway The Wind Blows:  front  back1  back2

- Apocrypha:  front  back

- Appleton Vol. 1:  front  back

- Appleton Vol. 2:  front  back

- Arrogant Mop:  front  back

- Around The World:  front

- As An Am:  front  back

- At Loreley:  front  back

- At The Circus:  front  back

- Autographe (82):  front  back


- Back On The Straight And Narrow:  front

- Berlin (Live In Munich 1980):  front  back

- Black Napkins:  front  back

- Bongo Fury In El Paso:  front1  front2  back1  back2  disc1  disc2

- Boot The Beats:  front  back  disc

- Boston Tea Party:  front & back  inside1  inside2  inside3  inside4

- Brest:  front  back

- Brest Pt. 3:  front  back

- Broadway The Hard Way... :  front

- Broadway The Hard Way  Tour 88:  front

- Bubble Cream Cheese:  front & back  inside1  inside2  inside3  disc


- Canada 1973:  front  back

- Caress Me:  front  back  inside

- Carousel:  front  back

- Cheap Shot:  front  back

- Chronicle:  front  back

- Conceptual Continuity:  front  back

- Crush All Boxes:  front  back

- Cucamonga:  front  back

- Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo:  front  back  inside


- Days Of Yore:  front  back

- Dead Girl Of... Glasgow:  front  back

- Dead Girls Of London:  front  back  inside

- Disconnected Synapses:  front  back

- Donna You Wanna:  front  back  inside  disc

- Dropping Diddos:  front  back

- Dweezil Has Messed My Mind Up:  front  back


- Easy Meat:  front  back

- El Paso Or Die:  front  back  inside1  inside2

- Electric Aunt Jemima:  back

- Encores:  front  back

- Erdbeben In München:  front  back

- Europe, Backstage & The Mystery Side:  front  back  inside  disc


- Fire!:  front  back

- For Sharleena:  front  back

- Framingham 69:  front  back

- Frank Zappa's Best Band:  front  back  inside1  inside2

- Frrank's Place:  front  back

- Frankie Goes To Düsseldorf:  front1  front2  back  inside1  inside2

- Frankie Meets Bobby:  front

- Freaks & Motherfu*#@%!:  front  back

- Fred Zappelin:  front


- Got Zapped in '76:  front  back

- Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza:  front  back

- Guitar Hernia:  front


- Halloween:  front  back

- Hot Rats At The Olympic:  front


- I Don't Wanna Get Drafted (maxi single):  front  back

- Illinois Enema Vol. 1:  front1  front2  back

- Incognito:  front

- Indiscreet Picture Show:  front  back

- Invocations:  front  back

- In New York '81:  front1  front2  back1  back2  disc1  disc2

- It's More Than A Burp:  front


- Just Another Live Album:  front  back

- Jones Crusher:  front  back


- King Biscuit Flower Hour:  front  back

- King Kong Ripped My Flesh:  front  back

- Kreega Bondola:  front  back


- Läther:  front  back  label

- Leatherette:  front  back

- Leatherette:  front  back

- Leatherette (cd):  front  back  inside1  inside2

- Lectures:  front  back

- Let's Drink Some Beer And Hear:  front

- Little House I Used To Live In:  front  back

- Live Am Rhein:  front

- Live And Alive:  front  back

- Live In Boston:  front  back

- Live In Framingham 69:  front

- Live In Hollywood:  front  back  inside

- Live In Melbourne:  front  back  inside

- Live USA:  front  back


- Magic Fingers:  front  back

- Marvellous Stunner:  front  back

- Miami Matinée Vol.1:  front  back

- Mudshark:  front  back

- Muffin Research From The Utility Kitchen:  front  back

- Mystery Box:  front  back


- Nice Concert Nice People:  front  back

- No Bacon For Breakfast:  front  back

- Not Just Another Zappa Record:  front

- Norwegian Rhapsodie Vol.1:  front  back


- Oldies But Goodies  Live-Over 20 Years Old:  front  back

- Olé, Marqueson:  front  back  inside1  inside2  disc1  disc2

- Our Man In Italy:  front  back  inside

- Our Man In Nirvana:  front


- Pachuco Hop:  front

- Pappa Zappa:  front  back

- Paralipomeni Della Batracomiomachiadella:  front  back  inside

- Peepers Part 1:  front

- Peepers Part 2 & 3:  front  back

- Personality:  front  back

- Petrouska:  front

- Pig's 'n' Repugnant:  front  back  inside

- Pigs And Repugnance:  front  back

- Piquantique:  front  back

- Pregnant:  front

- Punky Whips Shown On Stage:  front & back  inside


- Rare Meat:  front  back

- Realistic Dream:  front  back

- Remington Electric Razor:  front  back

- Rubber Slices:  front  back


- Saarbrücken 1978:  front  back

- Scandinavian Nights Pt. I:  front  back

- Scandinavian Nights Pt. II:  front  back

- Scherade Pt. 1:  front  back

- Scherade Pt. 2:  front  back

- Season To Be Jelly:  front  back

- Serious Music:  front  back

- Ship Arriving Too Late For Stevie's Spanking In Berlin:  front  inside1  inside2

- Snake Hips Etcetera:  front  back

- Snakehips:  front

- Son Of Serious Music:  front  back

- Songs Einstein jr. Never Heard:  front  inside

- Specialized Digital Audio Gratification:  front  back  inside

- Stinkfoot In Berlin:  front & back  back2  inside1  inside2

- Strange Habits:  front  back

- Stream Flash Conservative:  front  back

- Swiss Cheese:  front  back

- Swiss Cheese At The Festhalle Basel:  front  back  inside1  inside2  disc1  disc2


- Tengo Na Minchia Tanta:  front  back  inside

- The Ark:  front  back

- The Best Slidin' Is Horse Ridin':  front

- The Eyes Of Osaka:  front  back  inside

- The Godfather In Full Metal Jacket:  front  back

- The Godfather Meets The Untouchables:  front  back

- The Mothers Down Under:  back & front  inside

- The Sheik's Rehearsals:  front  back  inside

- The String Quartet:  front

- The Untouchables:  front  back

- Thigh:  front

- Things Wayne Newton Never Told You:  front

- Time Sandwich:  front  back

- 'Tis The Season To Be Jelly:  front  back  inside

- Tits:  front  back

- Titties And Beer:  front  back

- Trick Or Treat:  front  back

- Toxic Shock Part II:  front  back

- Twenty Years Ago Again:  front  back


- Uncle Penguin's Brain:  front  back

- Underground Record:  front  back

- Unmitigated Adacity:  front  back


- Vitamin Deficiency:  front  back

- Volare:  front  back


- Wanna Buy Some Acid?:  front & back  inside

- Waterbury 75:  front  back

- We Don't Fuck Around:  front  back

- Welcome to the Mudd Club:  front1  front2  back  disc

- We're Only In It For The Money Outtakes:  front  back

- What's Why:  front  back


- You Are Phoenix What You Is:  front1  front2  back  disc

- You Should Have Listened:  front  back


- Zurkon Music: front  back



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