The Voice Of Cheese: Ryan McNealy

VOC #28, ladies ‘n gentlemen — featuring Ryan McNealy, whose nom de plume is Hank Peters. Ryan says:

In order to continue the flow of the wonderful VoC, I thought “what the hell”, and decided to submit my amateurish audio piece to you. It’s called “Adventures Through FM Radio”, and I’m sure as hell that this concept has been done before (and executed better).

The guitar quality sounds a bit iffy in some parts, but this is what you get for being 16 and not able to afford quality microphones.

Either way, VoC must not die! I will threaten you with more content if you even think twice of removing it!

Why thanks for that threat Ryan Hank! Have a listen:


Like it? Download it.

2 thoughts on “The Voice Of Cheese: Ryan McNealy”

  1. Thinking back on it, I should’ve sampled the God Warrior screaming instead of making that awful guitar noise for the second section.

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