The Voice Of Cheese: Mölli & Laoudis

It took a brief interlude, but the VOC is back. Mölli & Laoudis is one of Jari Karjalainen’s pet projects (myspace link). The track — or rather: one of the tracks — he sent in is called “¿Es Rojo?”. Jari says:

I have no idea what I want KUR readers to hear,because it’s all too diverse what’s been coming up on the Voice of Cheese. Mölli & Laoudis might do the trick (both words meaning “jerk, idiot, hillbilly, stupid motherfucker, douchebag” etc., the former in Finnish, the latter in Swedish). “¿Es Rojo?”, with its horrible sound scheme and all, should be played as-is, and everything about it is intentional – even the (arguably) bad quality mp3.

Intriguing eh? Oh, and the mp3 is tagged as Genre: Swing. Thanks for the chuckle, Jari. Have a listen:


Like it? Download it.

Incidently: I have exactly two submissions left in store after this, so unless any of you guys ‘n girls send in new tracks, the end of the VOC is imminent.

It’s been a wonderful musical trip so far: 26 quirky tunes you’ll never hear on the radio. Want to keep it going? Send a note with a bit of info and your mp3 attached to killuglyradio [at] gmail [dot] com — don’t forget to put “KUR Reader Music Submission” as the subject line.

Any and all contributions will be posted here — they need not, I repeat need not, carry any Zappaesque influence. Why, I myself have lined up what could be construed as a pretty cheesy track for this series’ Grand Finale. Critics be damned. Anything goes.

5 thoughts on “The Voice Of Cheese: Mölli & Laoudis”

  1. Hey, I forgot to tell you something important about Mölli & Laoudis. It’s a project of two persons, myself being one (the finnish one) and Robert Engstrand (swedish) is the one who makes the music sound f’d up. So, credits to where they belong.

  2. Will KUR entertain the idea of a 2nd submission by one who has submitted before? Or is VOC a One Shot Deal?

  3. “26 quirky tunes you’ll never hear on the radio”
    Um, my music has been heard on the radio.
    US and Europe.
    and is still quite popular, actually.

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