15 thoughts on “Kill Ugly Radio, The Beer”

  1. Slightly puzzling.

    The ultimate proof of FZ & KUR as – in modern times- an icon. Compare it with good beers such as Charles V, Forbidden Fruit, etc.

    Take care. Icons happen to be people who died way back in the old days. Dead people.

    I kindly invite Gail Z. to investigate.

    Now we should be both future oriented & forward looking again.

  2. Hmmm. Marketing…

    I buy CDs/go to concerts and so forth because of the music on offer. Likewise I buy beer because of the beer inside the bottle/can not the picture on the front. So this is lost on me, Gail!

  3. Well,

    Since I live in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    (read: I-Crapistan) it is almost impossible for me to
    try anything other than STATE APPROVED ALCOHOLIC
    BEVERAGES. It wasn’t long ago (in PA) that it was
    prohibited to buy toothpaste on Sunday. WIKI:BLUE LAWS

    I don’t have a problem with the ZFT giving approval
    for these ales, as long as they are QUALITY products
    and not the equivalent of a Big Mac in a glass.
    If it’s good ale, they could call it “Fuck me you ugly
    sonofabitch” and I’d drink it.

  4. Oh Shit!!!

    The distributor in PA, listed on the Lagunitas website is
    A.M. Lutheran Distributing.

    Get it, honey?

  5. Get the small print at the bottom of the label: I can understand the ZFT trademarking the words Zappa, FZ, and The Mothers — but ‘Kill Ugly Radio’ too? Thanks going a bit too far in my opinion. The next thing we’ll know poor Barry will find a cease and desist order in his inbox for naming this website ‘Kill Ugly Radio’. Fucking insanity…

  6. “The next thing we’ll know poor Barry will find a cease and desist order…blah, blah, blah.”

    Dear Barry,

    I am curious. Have you any indication that the ZFT does not approve of this website?

  7. Stout, man, stout. You can just about live on that stuff! How about a special brew called “Barry’s Imaginary Stout” — a strong dark beer that promises not to leave you hung over in the morning…

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