Bring On The Bubble Machine

You know what happens when your posting average goes down, because you’re kinda busy? People start sending you links, thinking that you must have run out of stuff to post. So without further ado, here’s a select bunch of them, for your consuming pleasure.

11 thoughts on “Bring On The Bubble Machine”

  1. Duncan: ah, Spinvis! Excellent DIY musician in my opinion. Let it be known however that Dr Sharl is an even bigger Spinvis fan, and that she sometimes takes over my account while I’m at work :)
    Bernard: there’s no blog dedicated to Fred Frith — I really think you should start one… Oh: and thanks for blowing my yellowmud cover ;-)

  2. IT WAS ME!! I confess!! Take that light off of me!! I sometimes kidnap Barry’s for my own perusal… And yes, i love Spinvis; and lately i’ve had several seizures with Eels. None of these Zappa related, but hey!

  3. I also have the censored version of “The Best Band”: with that cover and with Bolero. I’ve bought it used, with a few scratches on the box and the booklet – without knowing anything about it’s rarity.

  4. Never seen that cover! Interesting…
    I bought a signed proof from Cal of his cover a few years ago.

  5. Uhh, sorry, a tiny misunderstanding: – I don’t own the censored version wiht the black cover – I have the one with the banned photo. Anyway, it still has Bolero.

  6. I really woulnd’t imagine KUR elaborating on great contemporary music. ( However..)

    Balint, being an Hungarian, that’ quite different.

    Balint, any new contemporary music coming from that grear musical country right now?

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