22 thoughts on “YouTube: M.O. Apostrophe/Over-Nite Sensation”

  1. Thank God (and Barry) for “VideoDownloader Firefox Extension”!
    Why are rockstars always wearing sunglasses when appearing on tv?

  2. Thanks, this is just fantastic.

    Just an very good example to explain youngsters that FZ was 10 % inspiration and, yes indeed: 90 % hard work.

    I’l never forget G. Duke explaining / commenting FZ workaholic attitude on the VPRO , Holland doc documentaire : “It was as if he knew that his life would be too short to allow him to tell all the things he wanted and had to tell.”

  3. A few seconds of Bianca Odin at the beginning of part 5 – very cool. I’ve never seen video of that band before – too bad we didn’t get to see a little more of it.
    Did anyone else look at the cover of “Overnight Sensation” and make the connection that the grapefruit had been used to sexually gratify the two-headed roady? Maybe I’m slow.

  4. Birdman, you’re not alone.

    Watching Billly Bob Thorton in the very beginning kinda threw me off a little bit. Almost as if Rosie O’ Donald were in a doc about Pere Ubu or someone. Big parts for me were the ZPZ clips, more shots of Dweezil with Frank’s guitar, and him having more fun than he should with his dad’s mixing.

  5. I think the trick with VideoDownloader is to let the video finish loading/buffering, but maybe you have already tried that?
    And I was also wondering why Billy Bob Thornton is beeing interviewed. I googled it a bit and all I could find out is that he’s a fan of Frank. Since then did that qualify you to be an authority? (Yeah, he’s a celebrity – So What?? Go interview Matt Groening instead, I bet he has loads of interesting stuff to say.)

    And, no, I never noticed the grapefruit having been molested.

  6. Kill Ugly Radio FUCKING ROCKS!!!!
    It absolutely ROCKS!!!

    By FAR the best Zappa site on earth!
    What a great documentary, SHIT, I can’t believe it!
    I watched PEEFEEYATKO on YouTube last night
    and thought I had seen everything.

    Obviously, with Zappa you NEVER see everything.

    Thanks Barry.

  7. Pretty cool to see some props from Alice Cooper in there. Or for that matter, seeing Ruth rusty enough to hit three rubber chickens – “one for each decade I’ve been away” – on “St. Alphonso” … but yeah, Billy Bob is rather a WTF moment every so often.

    Never knew that was Tina Turner on OVER-NITE SENSATION. Huh!

  8. Fuck American Idol Gives Back – solve world disorder by sharing these vids with at least ONE person. Bribe them with false religious hope, enlightenment (or defoulment), or free cream cheese! DO IT!

  9. I don’t know, maybe I’m deranged, but Frank’s music just sounds better and better every time I hear it — doesn’t matter which band either — I suppose it’s just hopeless: a Zappa freak I am & one I will always be (fuck you if you don’t like my hat)!

  10. Check out the tiny Pignose amp next to Dweezil’s left shoulder. The mic seems to be on this amp when he is playing. FZ mentioned the Pignose in a Guitar Player interview, and I got one last year. It sounds great and filthy without being too loud, and the power/volume knob is cast in the shape of a pig’s nose. What a fine thing it is!

  11. yeh it just gets bigger and better and crispier . what a great great era 73 and 74. Its put me back into that space again , hearing things i never thought or heard before. i think it was a good productive happy time for frank, as shown on the roxy tapes.

  12. WOW!!!!!!! thank you kur…….it doesn’t get better than FRANK ZAPPA ..ya know…the stuff fz edited from his recordings would be a great recording!!!!

  13. I can understand the paradox Dweezil must find himself in. An excellent guitar player in his own right constantly being measured up the unmeasurable. I just hope he finds his own voice one day. That day will be a real mindblower. Until then, we’ve got Zappa Sr.

  14. I wished those documentations gave more insight in the creative process. Not just studio footage synced to the album “soundtrack”.

    The same with other titels from that “Classic Albums” series.


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