12 thoughts on “Who Could Play Frank In A Biopic?”

  1. You just caught your tit (you pick which one) in a legal wringer! The moustache, etc. and all uses, real or imagined, are the sole intellectual property of us – NOT YOU!!

  2. Hey! Are you trying to say the ZFT are assholes?

    There’s a thought that has been STOMPED to DEATH.

  3. Huh?! A Zappa bio-pic?! Wouldn’t that be loads of stagecraft, note-scribbling, & studio-fiddling … & bloody little else? First the tee-shirts, mousepads & coffemugs, now this. Oh well, c’est la millennium, I s’pose.

    That IS a somewhat uncanny match-up, though. Guess they couldn’t rope Nicholas Cage into it, huh? Not much car-chase, gunfight OR exploding warehouse action to be had, after all. Bet he could nail that lovable “I’ve come to kill & eat your children” Zappa dead-eye glare REAL GOOD.

  4. A normal Zappa biopic would be like telling the story of a newly found planet in charades.

    And I think the Brody face too melancholy to be him.

  5. Nah, Brody is a wimp. Been playing the same role since Spike Lee’s Son of Sam movie. I always want to pop him upside the head. Booo!

  6. Nicholas Cage as our Uncle Frank? Never – not after what he did to “The Wicker Man” last year!!!

    For me it would have to be that great Scottish comedian / actor Billy Connolly (who I believe was a FZ fan himself)


  7. The way CGI is advancing, Frank could very well play himself in the not too distant future–that is, if the ZFT don’t object to Frank playing himself, though since passing he no longer has any rights to himself (now he knows how Flo & Eddie felt).

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