10 thoughts on “Steely Dan Comes To Belgium!”

  1. Yes, that’s right, you heard right. SD in Brussels. Already got myself a ticket (actually, someone got me one).
    I’m sure it will be worth the trip from Rotterdam (where SD will also be performing as part of the North Sea Jazz Fest.)
    See you all at Vorst.

    Any news on the 2007 ZpZ tour (apart from the 10kl fest)?

  2. Saw Donald Fagen last spring at the Detroit Opera House. Keith Carlock is the man! He really cut loose on the guitar break in “Third World Man” and it was worth the ticket price alone.

  3. I saw Fagen at the Chicago Theatre last year. The concert only lasted an hour and a half, then Fagen played a two minuted bullshit encore and left the building. I felt ripped.

    However, I’ve seen Steely Dan several times and always had a great time.

  4. Living in the hinterland, I envy those of you in the larger urban centres who have the opportunity to see so many great acts. The last “big” act to come to my tuna sandwich town was Roger Waters — but the cost was so outrageous ($200 for a mountainous view), it was like being fleeced. Who can afford to be a fan these days? I think I’ll stick to the smaller venues and the up and coming acts for my live music thrills.

  5. I’ve just got a ticket for them here in the summer, if they don’t make it i
    will looking for the Blood, Sweat and Tears Concert a little later on this
    Event. Best regards Frank B.

  6. Hey, came here when googling Steely Dan-Brussels to see whether there’s something else the search engine comes up with besides the usual. Very nice to find a familiar place then. Me too, going to Brussels, on my own so i’ll be able to take pictures, talk to people and interview for Mizar5. Trying to get as many as fan faces up as possible, so who knows…

    On a Zappenesque note. I have these air miles and was looking on their website what one can do with those air miles.. turns out i can trade them in for music.. and then i found this George Duke disc, something to do with blues.. and when i heard some snippets, it took me right back to the Zappa/Duke era. Real nice.


  7. Gina/Mizar5 — could you be speaking about George Duke’s 1975’s “I Love the Blues: She Heard My Cry”? If so, great disc.

  8. To give you fellow Zappateers an idea of how backward musical tastes have become, I recently went into an independent record store and asked if they had any George Duke in stock.

    “George Duke,” the kid asked, “who’s that?”

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