40 Minute Psychedelic Version (2)

ed-seeman-40-min-psychedelic.jpgYou may recall my mentioning this film by Ed Seeman a while ago. I got to see it recently and thought a little more info could be of (your) interest.

Of the 14 hours of footage Ed shot with Zappa, what’s shown here is a compressed (surprise!) 40 minute version. We see the Mothers recording at Apostolic Studio’s, Greenwich Village NYC ’67, then follow them along their European tour (London, Amsterdam). Included are shots from the Royal Albert Hall rehearsals as well as Zappa on the London sidewalks generally baffling pedestrians by pointing his audio-recording kit at them.

No voice-overs or interviews throughout the film. To make up for that though there’s the fantastic musical score taken from bits of Freak Out!, Absolutely Free and Lumpy Gravy (the all instrumental Capitol version, no less). Notable appearances: Cal Schenkel preparing a doll for the WOIIFTM cover, Suzy Creamcheese, home footage with Gail and baby Moon, Arthur Brown, and the London Groupies.

For more info and to purchase the DVD, visit Ed Seeman’s homepage.

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