9 thoughts on “8 Track Capitol Lumpy Gravy”

  1. The bonus track, “The Regular Composer Refuses to Die” by Nicholas Slonimsky, owes its existence to ‘salty3dog’ and the forums; salty provided the initial links to both sites where the recordings were found.
    Thanks, Dude. I hope ya like it!

  2. Thanks! – This few mitunes from Slonimsky is really something! What about the piano-music? Does it belong to him, too?
    Thanks again.

  3. Barry,
    Another Friday another great boot. The Slonimsky is a real treasure.
    It got me thinking about your bandwidth situation and an 11 watt energy saver lit up. It shouldn’t be to hard for us to organise into local or regional groups so that we don’t duplicate downloads. If you had an area on the site where we could post locations and a contact email then we could either pre-arrange for just one person to download your offering and then burn a cd to pass or post to the next person, who can make a copy and pass it on etc. Alternatively, when your bandwidth limit is reached and you take the boot down, people who missed it can contact someone on the list, send a blank cd and get a copy.
    I’ll start the ball rolling – my email is above and I’m in west london. I’ve only had broadband for a few weeks so I’ve only got the past few boots. Let me know what you all think about the idea.

  4. Al: that’s magic ink!… Great idea. I’m pretty busy at work for the moment, but I’ll be thinking about your proposal and how to implement it. Stay tuned for a follow up, and thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Yes, Balint, it is all 100% Slonimsky. I did a little “duplicate” arranging of the piano (the track was not long enough to cover all of his talk on FZ) solo stuff, but it is all Nicholas.
    I’m glad y’all seem to like it. Sometimes I do stuff like this, think it’s wonderful, and then wonder if I’m the only one who thinks so… It’s hard to be impartial on things in which you’ve a vested interest.

  6. I, too, like Al’s idea and would certainly wish to participate in order to help others out. I am in the U.S.

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