6 thoughts on “Manara”

  1. O geez Louise – he’s just rubbing it in by doing it in one go, & using a bloody PEN t’boot!

    Far back in my memory banks, I recall some teenage drooling-incident/s around his renditions of enigmatic foxy aliens 4 that Heavy Metal adult-comic … & this whole drawing takes him all of FOUR MINUTES?!?

    Dagnabbit, I’m jealous also.

  2. Nice Barry! Who’s been doing the modelling work?
    It starts pretty kinky, maybe a bit over the top, but you manage to save it!…. the last 5 sec would qualify for fox-news.

  3. No, I was talking about the clip hiding the little “moi”.
    I do like to think of myself being able to see a Manara-drawing when I see one.

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