5 thoughts on “And Now For Some Good Taste”

  1. eep doesn’t need songs to lament her condition…
    She needs a doctor to stop the hemorrhaging!
    Stupid twit…
    Or twat, rather.

  2. Alien Orifice is just a DAMN fantastic piece of music.
    The version from FZ Meets The MOP curls my DAMN
    toes – every time!

    Back when you were allowed to listen to CDs during
    take-off (on a plane), I’d time the guitar solo for when
    the aircraft left the ground. The guitar solo from My Guitar…
    Your Mama from YCDTOSA was good for take-offs, too.

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  4. I’ve never had a take-off song before, but that i can see that solo being appropriate, ever try the Sinister Footwear solo from them or us, it has a similar vibe maybe a bit more turbulent though.

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