Meeting Zappa

Two college kids get to interview FZ. Exciting! All goes moderately well, and then…

Frank held the album with both hands and glared at it with his beady, black eyes. Clouds of what looked like dry ice vapor seemed to be coming out of his ears.
“Mistah Zappa wanna buy that record from you,” Smothers rasped in my ear.
“That’s a really great album, Frank!” my clueless, yet status-seeking friend remarked.
“How much ya want for it?” Zappa monotoned.

3 thoughts on “Meeting Zappa”

  1. Same comment as for the previuos post.

    – Keep doing it.
    – Have some chidren ( start with one, you end up with 3,4,5)
    – Stay cool, never loose – for instance- : controle, temper, ec.

    Thus : combining absolute innovative things & being down to earth.

    The genuine basis of innovation.

  2. Seems realistic. I wondered why he would grab THAT month’s Rollingstone though. Wouldnt it be more realistic to have 3 months ago?

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