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  1. It’s really too bad the sound quality of this boot sucks as much as it does (sounds as though it was recorded from inside one of the toilet stalls at the Gardens whilst the concert was going on) because the line-up and set-list were really first rate. Oh well, one can’t expect A+ quality each and every time. Thanks anyhow Gilles…

  2. You’re right about the sound quality being less than desirable urban, but bear in mind that we have been posting boots for about three years now… Gilles himself told me that we’ve already posted most, if not all, of the really good quality ones, and are now sort of descending into the lesser recordings. Perhaps we should start all over again and re-post the very first boot? :)

  3. I’ve not yet listened to this boot. I must tell you, though, I have been surprised by the quality of most of the boots I’ve taken advantage of. I’d say keep posting whatever you can get your hands on, perhaps with the caveat stated above.

    Thanks to all for making so much great material available – many things I’d never imagine I would get to hear (even if “the vault” were more fact than fiction).

  4. Yes, please rerun some of the better sounding tapes! Not all of us were here 3 years ago. Maybe a best-of collection for the holidays or for FZs birthday?

  5. I just can’t overestimate the value of the boots posted here. I’m not a “fan” type of a guy (wether Barry agrees with it or not :-) ), but it’s really great to meet the different arrangements, the one-time-only moments, etc.. – you know what I’m talking about.
    And anywa: this whole “AUD Recording” thing makes me touched in a way: ther’e a guy like Frank Zappa with so many tunes, such a great oeuvre – and hoopla: there are tons of guys recording it, digitalizing it, and sharing it – its such a great thing! And above all this: here’s the music. So this whole thing means a kind of togetherness, a kind of selflessness – AND music. Thanks for all.
    The special moment of tonight: FZ sings the Illinois Enema Bandit!

  6. In case your can’t hear the lyrics of
    Envelopes, here it is:
    You are, are my desire
    Yoooou come to me
    In dreams through a garden wall
    It is covered with a lot of dew
    And I suppose you’re covered too
    Just slightly wet
    Better yet
    You’re my stew
    You are, are my balloon
    Yoooou come to me
    In dreams through a …or two
    It’s covered with a lot of dew
    And I suppose you’re covered too
    Just slightly wet
    Better yet
    Let’s go screw
    I’m screwing you
    I’m screwing you
    I’m screwing you
    I’m screwing you
    Oh boy, I’m doin’ it!
    I’m really neat
    I’m really neat
    You’re really sweet
    You’re really sweet
    In and out
    Mmm, in and out
    In and out
    I’m going in and out
    It’s divine,
    You are mine, you’re so fine
    Squat on my blaster, make it go faster
    Squat on my blaster, make it go faster

  7. Oh sweet fibrillating Mugwumps!

    Envelopes has actual LYRICS??!?!?!?!?!?!???


    Heh … I guess y’fergit t’remember something gnu every day, eh?

    Hmm, guess i’m way 2 noisecore 2 cavil at fuzzy or murky bootlegs … so i’d say DO BOTH! Just say that it’s a “retread” when applicable & tell the naysayers t’suck their thumbs… i’ve only auditioned circa a year’s-worth myself!

    “Wanna buy some acid, Bob?”

  8. Okay, okay, I admit it Barry…I’ve been spoiled here at KUR… my wrists are outstretched and ready for slapping!

  9. barry – you are awesome and your zappa site is the best! thank you once for taking the time – the zft owes you big time for helping to keep zappa’s spirit alive on the web.

    now that i’ve got the obligatory ass-kissing out of the way…i want boots from the 1980 band (both w/logeman and with colaiuta) and i want anything with bianca odin – and if possible, anything with ricky lancelotti.


  10. btw – a ‘best of’ series – with sound quality and a diverse chronology being the priorities – is a fantastic idea. i only have been visiting for about a year, so there are many i have missed.

    okay, i’m done.

  11. Hi Barry, great job as usually! Thanks also to Gilles. It’s always a pleasure listen to these boots even though sound quality is no good. And, yes, give us a gift for holydays or FZ’s birthday: re-post the very first boots.

  12. This is one I’d like, it was right when I discovered you folks and I only got a part of it when it got taken down:

    11. December 1980, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA

    if you didn’t put it up, maybe it was Balint

    Thanks for all these tasty tunes!

  13. This one is a tasty little sucker. Frank was obviously in good mood that day. And it was always depending on Frank’s mood whether a show was worth it.

    I mean, how good is Illinois Enema Bandit here? Unbelievable!
    Interesting how he is trying to get Ray White’s vocal phrasing. FZ influenced by Ray White.

    Another highlight: the stripped down edition of Flakes.

    Best wishes to everybody,

  14. the sound quality is ok, i ain’t complaining.

    i love this 1977/8 tour, great band sound, guitar tone from fz, some of his most inspired playing and a great setlist.

  15. Missed first 1 1/2 years -does this mean the best half ? Would love soundboard recordings, especially the Pinske tapes. Would also love reposts and bestof’s.
    Yeah. Would love to have everything I don’t have -)

  16. I don’t believe Lancelloti made it to the stage with FZ. Studio work is all that’s available of him…

  17. i beg to differ, sofa…from the liner notes to ‘the lost episodes’:

    ‘At a particularly memorable 1972 Hollywood Palladium MOI concert (of which Zappa held fond recollections of Lancelotti singing ‘Smog Sucker’), the lion-maned vocalist favored the crowd with ferocious scat-singing whenever FZ was inspired to beckon him from the wings. Frank would open and close his hand in a gesture symbolizing a talking mouth, and Lancelotti would magically appear on stage and begin bellowing.’



  18. pre-order MOSS (NOW!) and get a free Lancelotti ringtone for your zircon encrusted handy! Ricky don’t lose that number!

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