Computer Says Noooo…

Well hi there! I’ve been out of the loop a couple of days as you may have noticed. Finally brought the iMac to an Apple reseller for repair and got it back with a shiny, new, empty hard disk. No data recovered. At all. As we speak, Dr Sharleena is mumbling all sorts of intricate Spanish expletives at the thing which would truly make for a wonderful Friday Boot. So while I try to convince her of the fact that with the new hard disk, the iMac has been given a new soul and can therefor be trusted again, here’s some tidbits from the inbox:

Off to buy my second external backup hard disk in two weeks now! :)

Update: In a moving group-hug session, Dr Sharleena has forgiven the iMac for its wrongdoings.

4 thoughts on “Computer Says Noooo…”

  1. GNRRRRRRR, i just KNEW i shoud’ve patented that napalm-puking green-laser-cannon-eyed mega-poodle thing back when i had the chance!

    Johnny Cash taking the piss out of Elvis/Rockers is primo … daresay but he nearly reeks whusky right outta de front o’ de screen 2 — & then he ends up covering Depeche Mode, NIN, etc. — now THAT, Alanis, is TRULY ironic.

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