6 thoughts on “Care For Some Nudist Trampolining?”

  1. One of the strangest combinations in music, just have a look ( they’re playing the music of Albert Ayler ):

    Henry Kaiser, Albert Ayler….and Mary Maria

    According to The Flying Luttenbachers’ website Healing Force – The Songs of Albert Ayler (with Henry Kaiser, Mike Keneally, Joe Morris, Vinny Golia, Aurora Josephson, Damon Smith and Weasel Walter) will be released later this year. Aurora Josephson’s site amends the title thus: ‘The Songs of Albert Ayler…..and Mary Maria’. which is only right and proper. An interview with Mike Keneally by Beppe Colli (from May 26th this year) on the Clouds and Clocks website provides the following information about the project, which I hope they don’t mind me repeating here:

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