5 thoughts on “Hannover ’79”

  1. I believe the personnel list is wrong for Eilenriedhalle, Hannover, West Germany, 26-3-1979 (part 1). Frank says Sophia Warren on guitar, not Warren Cucurullo at the tail end of the Intro. Only listened twice, so there may be other errors too. Do check and please update your GFB page.

    Otherwise, thanks so much for your efforts – although the sound quality often is lacking, I enjoy hearing esp the prototype versions of songs we all know and love. Keep up the good work!!!

    “Sam Ber’dino”

  2. Unied Mutations – interview with Warren Cuccurullo:

    “AG: One obvious question I’ve got to ask you is why you were called “Sophia”?

    WC: That was because I was always wearing women’s clothing.

    AG: I thought it was after Sophia Loren – Sophia War-ren.

    WC: And she’s Italian, too! We both came up with the name. I used to wear glass earrings, tiger coats, big boots, it was my first time in the UK and I went to Kensington Market. I was buying, like, jackets for 50p and I came out wearing everything I bought. I used to go to rehearsals at the Rainbow like that.”

  3. I was there at the Hannover gig. Listening to these recording once again proofs my memory that this was probably one of the best Zappa shows anyone can imagine!


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