Seattle ’81

Your humble reporter is back! He can be seen here wearing a tie in the company of one Magic Fingers who got married to The Love Of His Life that same day.

barry and magic fingers

Won’t bore you with holiday stories such as how we managed to almost miss every single plane we had to catch. A grand time was had throughout though — Dublin was a blast, the Aran Islands magnificent and Galway a feast to the eye (more on Flickr). Not to mention the fact that with my bright orange beard, I fitted in perfectly — to the point where people were asking me for directions!

On to the show you say? Oh, of course. This week’s boot: Seattle Center Arena, October 2 ’81.

5 thoughts on “Seattle ’81”

  1. Incidently: see that leather jacket I’m wearing? I managed to carry it along in a bag from London through Dublin, Galway, Aran Islands and back — only to forget the bag and everything in it at the very last train station before Barry Towers.
    Wanted: a beige bag with “Jeans Wear” printed on it, containing a leather jacket, a Woody Allen biography — and sadly: my sketchbook…

  2. You can imagine what a privilege it was to have Barry himself in attendance!! And with his one and only tie (and his one and only Doctor too)! Mon dieu! And David, I will of course be in touch as soon as the email is set up again, although I still don’t know how long that will be (am on a borrowed computer as we speak)……….

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