ZPZ Wrap-Up

ZPZ‘s first leg of the tour is over, and we have a whopping 154 reviews to look back upon. Having read every single one of them, a couple of recurring remarks I noticed:

  • The bandmembers: baffling musicianship, very tight playing.
  • Dweezil: wonderful guitarplaying, obviously doesn’t have the onstage presence/humor of his dad, and was wise enough to acknowledge this by just being himself.
  • Napoleon M. Brock: vital to the group, probably everyone’s favorite throughout the tour.
  • The sound: consistently way too loud, with vocals and musical subtleties getting lost in the mix.
  • The conclusion: we want more!

Now it’s on to October 18 when another 10 shows kick off.

9 thoughts on “ZPZ Wrap-Up”

  1. Are European dates going to be arranged? I hope so. What new songs do we want to hear? My wish list:

    Zoot Allures
    Black Page (new age version)
    Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing?
    What’s New In Baltimore?
    Big Swifty

    This list could get very long so I’m going to shut up now.

  2. I’ll See Your

    Zoot Allures
    Black Page (new age version)
    Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing?
    What’s New In Baltimore?
    Big Swifty

    And Raise You A

    Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace
    Uncle Remus
    The Torture Never Stops
    Jones Crusher
    Heavenly Bank Account
    Outside Now

    …my turn to shut up now

  3. Hmm, intresting. I think it would be nice to hear a different suite of songs (a la the Yellow Snow suite). Maybe the last religous/TV preacher section of YAWYI.

  4. well, wouldn’t it be nice to keep the yellow snow suite with the inclusion of rollo? maybe brown shoes? andy, big swifty, baltimore, why does it hurt when i pee?, oh the list goes on and on. maybe a couple of two night runs in certain cities.

  5. I was actually lucky enough to have gotten some of the “Show up the day of the concert” tickets for the LA show, litereally 15 hours after I moved to LA. My girlfriend and I were seated in the VIP section with a bunch of people who are friends of the Zappa family. The two women sitting to our right, as well as the gentleman to our left were escorted to their seats by Diva and Gail themselves. Best show I’ve ever been to, hands down.

  6. I shure could use

    Strictly Genteel
    G-Spot Tornado
    The Torture Never Stops
    Tell Me You Love Me

    “The sound: consistently way too loud, with vocals and musical subtleties getting lost in the mix.”
    I have to disagree with you on that one for the Amsterdam show. That was one of the best mixed shows I ever attended, the bass wasn’t audible now and then, but all the rest was very clear & just as loud as I hoped for.

  7. HOB Anaheim was the ticket.
    Was directly in front of Vai’s postion the entire show, which meant we took the brunt of the sound system to the side and under the stage. Yes, it was a bit noisy in spots, but who’s to argue?
    The tour will be the best performance of Zappa material in years (yes even outstripping the Project/Object) because of the genuine love and admiration all the players had for FZ focused them on the task.
    I think the slagging of Dweezil’s efforts to be unwarranted and unfair. He is his father’s son-how can you expect him to be Frank? FZ was an immense talent with an immense ability to touch people.
    Complaints about the set list are also worthless. FZ released over 70 albums in his lifetime-things are going to be omitted. What better way to give the old fans what they need and school the uninitiated as well than to provide a perspective of an specific era? The choice of early Mothers (LMTWTB, HDF, HIAR) through Overnite Sensation, Roxy, Apostrophe, Chunga/Rats, jeezis! waddyawant??? I imagine the plan will be for the next permutation of ZPZ to gives us more extensive treatments of Them Or Us/Tinseltown/You Are What You Is/Thingfish etc. Each of us has a personal list of faves-EVEN FRANK couldn’t satisfy you!
    I imagine the venues in the US were smallish because FZ never did as well in the US as in Europe. The Poodletraining of the Standard Amerikan Lemming allows for hours of Simon Cowell listening but severe punishments for exposure to REAL MUSIC with REAL IDEAS. The venues were small because the organizers weren’t sure about the buying public. It was so very heartening to see them proved wrong.
    I spent the entire evening shouting THANK YOUS to Dweezil, Napoleon, Terry, Steve and all the usual criminal suspects for once again allowing epole the exquisite PLEASURE of hearing FZ’s music played live! Thank you again!

  8. I could mak a really nice setlist:

    What’s New In Baltimore?
    Alien Orifice
    Black Napkins
    Zoot Allures
    Chunga’s Revenge
    The Grand Wazoo
    Big Swifty
    Blessed relief
    The Torture Never Stops
    Filthy Habits
    Regiptian Strut (Yes! Yes!)
    Spider Of Destiny (With S. Gonzales on vocals?)
    Wild Love
    Yo Mama
    Heavy Duty Judy
    Keep It Greasey
    Whippin’ post
    G-Spot Tornado
    Be-Bop Tango


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