This Sunday: Zappathon ’06

Hey kids, just a reminder: WUSB’s Zappathon ’06 airs tomorrow, starting at noon and going til midnight (EST). Co-hosted by John Tabacco and Nigey Lennon it’ll be nothing short of a Zapfest featuring interviews and rare recordings. On top of that our friend SOFA is scheduled to appear on the show (as he did last year). Oh, and you might just hear Dr Sharl and I say a couple of words…

Tune in!
Dial-up stream: mp3wmareal
Broadband stream: mp3wmareal

5 thoughts on “This Sunday: Zappathon ’06”

  1. This may well be the LAST Zappathon, too. Mr. Edison is stepping down…
    From email:
    “There is a lot that needs to get done both before and after the show and as the years have gone by
    it seems like I’m doing more and more of it and working harder to get it done which boils down to–it’s not as fun as it was.”
    “I do sincerely hope that someone steps up to the plate to carry on the show and I would love to be a part of it in the future. Sitting down
    with the hundreds of discs, sorting through ’em, and playing cool stuff off of ’em….I’d be there in a heartbeat. But so far nobody else seems to have the stomach for the administrative stuff either.”

  2. I take it for granted that there are people out there taping/downloading (using the appropriate software) the whole 12-hour event – so the rest of us will get a chance to listen to it sometime?!?

    all the best,

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