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  1. Wow. I just scored a 21 myself. Wonder what my wife’ll say, being a teacher for disabled children, one of them being authistic. Maybe she’ll get us bto meet? ;)

  2. 31!!!
    I often notice small sounds when others do not.
    -“hey, listen to that! it’s the sound of Vitamin E!”

  3. Thanks for that Barry, it makes me feel better about my 28. That’s 11.6 degrees of Zappa fandom by your reckoning.

  4. This reminds me of questionaires from the manufacturers of anti-depressants that ask if you’re depressed, or questionaires from Scientology that assess whether you need your engrams cleared.

    When will “autistic tendencies”” be declared pathological, added to DSM, and require pharmaceutical treatment? When will every human idiosyncracy be catalogues and curable by medication?

    Was this questionaire created by Pfizer? Maybe I’m just paranoid – I’m sure there’s a pill for it.

  5. I wouldn’t dare to participate. Confession.

    I’ve just sent it to my 4 daughters, they’ll inform me .
    Why ? Because I’ve always told them : “open mind” is the core word / principle.

  6. 24! I think B’sIP is right; you have to be a teensy bit obsessive to get the full tang of Zappa..

  7. There’s a preamble on one of the YCDTOSA albums where FZ comments on members of the audience who attend every show and make notes on how the band perform, noting particularly when someone doesn’t play it quite right. I guess these are the so-called autisitc members of the fanbase. No doubt they can name the volume and track number of the aforementioned preamble!
    BTW my score was 17 which I suppose makes me (ahem) normal, but I’ve been a Zappa fan for forty years…

  8. Oooh Mama, I scored 31! So is there a prize 4 who’s got th’ hi-score & can type a coherent e-mail ‘r such? *)

    Just GOT a CD of de “Lumpy Gravy” & maybe this’s why I do so truly LURVE it … uhoh.

    jd MMVI

  9. …Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

    Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

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