Zappathon ’06: A Call To Arms By SOFA

This just in from our dear pal SOFA. Read carefully!

Greetings One & All!
April is right around the corner and we all know what that means:
(Yeah, it means a shitload of things to a lot of different people, but for our purposes it means)
The Annual “Zappathon” is coming up soon! (April 23rd, to be precise.)
That’s right, you heard right, the 12 hour extravaganza that dares to be Zappa will mangle the air waves in a little less than a month.

(Bring the Band down behind me, Boys.)

For those that have tuned-in in the past, you know that there’s bound to be a ton of tasty FZ to enjoy, much of it rare or difficult to acquire – making the Zappathon a “must listen” in the FZ community. Yup. Uncle Frank gets the radio play he sorely lacked during his all-too-brief lifetime – 12 freakin’ hours worth!

But this is more than just an announcement regarding the program, this is also a “call to arms” (or mouths, if you prefer).
Once again, “Mr. Edison” – the Zappathon’s guiding light (Zappa-List member Bill Amutis) – and Company have asked if I would like to be a “voice” for the FZ Community on the program. I’ve agreed…

But with so many “voices” out there, I couldn’t help wonder “Why Me?” So I concocted this Evil Plan:
Since the Zappathon is truly a global event, as is the FZ Community, why not incorporate some ‘other voices’ into the program?
The Powers at WUSB have deemed this “a BRILLIANT idea” (go figure).

So this is your chance to “share the air” with the likes of Greg Russo, Nigey Lennon, David Walley, Charles Ulrich, Candy Zappa – to name just a few past Zappa luminaries that have appeared; your chance to pay personal homage to the man that brought most of us together; your chance to “plug” your fan club, FZ Tribute Band, FZ website, make a statement or that ‘long distance dedication’ you’ve been dying to make.

“Gee, SOFA, how can I lend MY voice to this year’s Zappathon?”

Glad you asked…
Here’s the deal: the Zappathon is a radio show and – as such – it has certain ‘rules’ it needs to abide, announcing its call letters (WUSB) for one. The show is also part of the annual Fund Drive to keep the station in operation, so there NEEDS to be requests for support.
We (in the FZ global community) can help out by providing these “station breaks”.
For example: “Hi, this is Poodle from theBIGnote and you’re listening to Zappathon 2006 from WUSB Stoneybrook”; or “This is ‘Barry’ from ‘Kill Ugly Radio’ in Belgium. We’re all doing our part to Kill Ugly Radio and no one does more than the hard workin’ folks down at WUSB Stoneybrook… If ya think about it, that’s kinda beautiful. And while you’re thinkin’ about it, why not throw a coupla bucks their way?”; or “This is Bart from Poland and I want to dedicate “Strictly Genteel” to my pal Dimi in Croatia.”

Get the Picture? The possibilities are indeed endless…
All you need to do is simply record your audio message, and email it to me. I will collate all of the submissions, burn them to disk, and send it on to the team at WUSB.
Don’t know what to say? Email me. Want to Freak Out in the Suburbs? Go for it!
(WUSB is a Public Radio operation that can “push the envelope” of “acceptable” radio play; however, the staff retains the right to edit or omit anything patently obscene or profane. We want to Kill Ugly Radio, not WUSB.)

Kinda like registering to vote, this is your chance to let your voice be heard!
Let the taping begin…

Warm Regards,

5 thoughts on “Zappathon ’06: A Call To Arms By SOFA”

  1. Good Question, Dunc!
    I can decode MP3, FLAC, SHN, ogg, wav, & wma. It’s best if the file is sent to me in one of those formats. My editing program works with wav, so I would need a wav file, or be able to convert to it from the above, for anything that would require “tweaking” – like, say, if you wanted your bit to sound like “a voice inside the piano” I could do that…
    I guess any sound file over 5M should be compressed before sending.
    I hope this answers the question…

  2. Well,
    After almost 14 days, 3 responses; thank you Barry&Sharl, JohnnyButter, & Bart!
    What are the rest of you waiting for?

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