10 thoughts on “Hempstead ’73”

  1. I never knew, before hearing all these boots, that there were so many versions of Inca Roads! This one seems to combine a cocktail lounge approach with the version heard on ‘Lost Episodes’.

    Awesome boot…as always, thanks!

  2. yeah the lounge-inca was popular during the 73 tour, there’s a noteable performance of it from melbourne australia (6-29-73?). there’s also an early reference to the end-of-the-guitar-solo-theme that can be found on “freaks and motherf**kers” (beat the boots, fillmore ’70) at the end of “holiday in berlin”. sweet tune. cheers.

  3. I’ve just listened to Manchester 79,and it’s beautiful,they also played StrictlyGenteel.
    But this song is missing in the 1979 overview in the “we’re only in it for the touring” page.

    Maybe some of you could do something?

    (sorry for being almost off topic)

  4. I’ve got those cuts, too. Odd – it sounds like someone briefly recorded something else over the tape in a couple of spots.
    This Inca Roads is new to mee, and the Cucomonga and long medley/jam the end are great as well.

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