13 thoughts on “You There With The Sombrero!”

  1. I visit the site daily… I s’pose that blip around Chicago could be me…
    Don’t know upon what Google bases the blips and their size…

    Good luck pulling off a US Zappafest without Gail’s direct involvement.
    I attended one in Peoria IL in 2000 that could have been – and should have been – spectaular, but it was very poorly attended for a 3 day fest, IMO. Not that I’m bitching, I didn’t have to fight any crouds, and always had an excellent seat. I just felt bad for the promotor – and the artists.

  2. Sofa: the bigger the blip, the bigger the amount of hits from that location.
    Birdman: this map lists visits within (I think) a one week timeframe — yours’ll show up sooner or later! :)
    Jocks: shame on me, you’re right. I omitted everything east from central europe since, well, I don’t get much hits from those parts of the world. However, if you’re interested, here’s the east side of the map. Hello Moskou, Indonesia, Tokyo and Australia! :)

  3. “Sofa: the bigger the blip, the bigger the amount of hits from that location.”

    And all this time I’ve been deleting those mails informing me how I too could have a bigger blip – believing that male ‘phallus’-see that size doesn’t matter…
    How could I be such a fool?

  4. Hey Sofa, I’m in Chicago, too, and visit at least once a day. That’s two of us. I don’t think we get a Big Ball being only two….

    fine with me! (insert ‘big ball’ joke here)

  5. frappr, flickr, snickr, smackr, trackr…any truth to the rumor GOOGLE is developing a product called whackr showing who is currently holding their pickle while surfing?

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