iPod, You Pod

Well today I could no longer resist the sheer beauty and functionality of the iPod, so I went and bought me one. Not the Shuffle (1Gb, ha!), nor the iPod nano (4Gb, haha!) and certainly not the iPod U2 (U2, hahaha!) — no, just the regular 20Gb white one.
Funny thing is you can have a phrase engraved on the back of it, which of course I couldn’t resist either. Free beer for the person who can guess what I had engraved on it… :)

40 thoughts on “iPod, You Pod”

  1. some hint…yeeech!

    maybe a hint as to WHY this quote would be relevant to a device such as an ipod…or IS IT?

  2. wait…I have the best so far…

    remember he said he got the WHITE one…

    “The white zone is for loading (get it!?) and unloading only!”

  3. You may have had “The Present Day…” inscribed, but you were THINKING “the ZFT SUCKS”, c’mon, Barry, admit it…

  4. If its a white ipod it must say ‘ The white zone is for loading & unloading only”

    I’ll have that beer in a keg Barry!

  5. Dear Central screw10iser,

    You must learn to be a bit more scrutinizing!

    You were about 6 hours LATE dude!

    AND you stole my line, anyhoo.

  6. With a T.
    (Yup, I know the correct answeris alreday posted, but hey)

    Titties & Beer!

    Call Steve Jobs. Do it now. And make it a collect call.

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