13 thoughts on “Yes Sirree!”

  1. Barry, but please, don’t wet MY pants!!!


    Well, I would put on it some Rokia Traore (since the way she builds up a song is really unique – the African way); and some selected Skunk Anansie (Skin is one of the best singers); a few Steve Reich (for a long journey its just perfect. And it IS perfect, from any other points); a few songs from 16 Horsepower or maybe Woven Hand (I really like the 1st album of the latter – amazing); if one’s lucky enough to own a copy of Prince’s X-pectations, than it would also be a perfect choice (surprisingly [Prince?!?!?…] beautiful instrumental jazz, though really simple and modest – also playful and rich); hm, some songs of Dido could be fine (and definitely NO Sade!!!)
    But of course on one should leave for a journey without Metallica in his/her pocket – I’d suggest Live Shit. Yes.

    And now you can hit me. :-)

  2. I’d put some hendrix (in fact, I’d put electric ladyland complete, and maybe woodstock), helter skelter and strawberry fields.

    in electric ladyland’s “house burning down” you can hear some tango chords which is perfect for coming down here.
    btw, if you want some tango let me know.

    I’d also put some chico buarque and of course, bossa nova’s anthem “garota de ipanema”.

  3. Some old 10cc. I know it’s kinda poppy, but it’s always gone hand in hand with Zappa (in my own feeble little mind). The lyrics are humerous, and I’ve always found the music to be very unusual. Not your typical 4/4 pop. Great harmonies too. I’ve always felt 10cc to be a natural progression to Zappa (or maybe the other way around).

    What else? The Bears (Adrian Belew), Johnny Cash and a bunch of Dean Martin!

    And plenty of Zappa of course.

  4. Hey, Barry, here’s the first part of the aforementioned Prince album (Click on “Kattints ide a fájl letöltéséhez.”). Just let me know if you’d go for the second part of it – travelling without it is a crime!!!

  5. Uh… me smells trouble… (your hungarian is getting better and better! :-) ) then you should try this one, here. Under the “klick here” there’s a button “delete this file”, so someone might have hit that one. I hope it works now. :-)

  6. Thanks again Balint! I have most of Prince’s earlier work (Purple Rain onto Sign of the Times roughly), but he was going the “tits ‘n ass” route a bit too much in recent years. This album’s a very pleasant surprise though!

  7. Here’s what’s on it right now (though I’m rotating / adding / removing playlists to see what works best in shuffle mode):

    – Admiral Freebee
    – Beatles – Revolver
    – Counting Crows – Hard Candy
    – Dr. John – Duke Elegant
    – Eliott Smith – XO
    – FZ – Roxy&Elsewhere
    – FZ – Waka/Jawaka
    – Joni Mitchell – Hits
    – Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue
    – Neil Young – On The Beach
    – Prince – Xpectation
    – Rufus Wainwright – Want Two
    – Steely Dan – Best of Remastered
    – Zita Swoon – Music inspired by “Sunrise”

    I’ll be adding more of course…

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