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  1. Interesting; this could raise a debate, “which countries should people help in case of a disaster”? Take a look at this:
    Yet again, the majority of people affected by Katrina are poor people; independently of their main government.
    The other thing that is interesting to watch is the fact that these people are armed (as are many in America) and they are confronting “the authorities” that supposedly are coming to help. I’m curious to see how this develops. And I wish it’ll be a waking up call to the gov — to think a little bit about the global warming…

  2. Sharleena: right in the heart of the matter : ” the majority of the people affected are poor people”. Indeed : dependent on government.

    In this US case: there’s simply not enough ” governement” to rescue, help them. The US relies – with ther major exception of anti – terrorism actions- on …volunteers, ie uncoordinated help.

    In this environment poor peolple just help themselves, amongst others by robbing, shooting, etc.

    Yes, in Europe major parts of comprehensive law and services are ultimately intended to serve the poor. De wet bevrijdt.

  3. “In this US case: there’s simply not enough ” governement” to rescue, help them. The US relies – with their major exception of anti – terrorism actions- on …volunteers, ie uncoordinated help.”

    This is true, now more than ever. And also: have you noticed how many of the organizations listed by the BBC are religion based – Adventist, Catholic, Christian, Lutheran, Mennonite, Nazarene, Presbyterian, Methodist… frightening (to me)

  4. I’m not against any of these organizations, of course any help is welcomed; it’s just an observation the fact that many of them are religion based…

  5. I bet those people in New Orleans thank the lord for ANY help – be it from religious organizations or otherwise. The Bush administration, from what I’ve seen, is sorely lacking. You know what: let’s bring in Chavez – he’s bound to do a better job than Dubya. ;)

  6. Hmmm… Before that, i’d say: bring the troops back from Iraq, spend less money on that, and that way both Bush and Chavez will be able to help the poor people in their countries…

  7. People – i e ordinary people – shouldn’t be forced to rely on , well, the voluntareers’ helping hand , including religious fanatics.

    There’s a genuine role here for the Home Affairs dpt. of Governments. They should now prove their strenght:
    – implementing disaster planning,
    – relying on government ressources & coordinating actio,ns
    – involving volunteers.

    i e the European model.

  8. Umberto Eco has an book from the eighties (?…) called “New Middle-age”. In this he has an essay, where he – remembering the 2-hour long (do I remember well?…) power-break with unbelieveable consequences. Then he starts to think about it: what if that power-break lasts for 1 whole day? He founds, that then the traffic goes into chaos, the electricity dies, hospitals and emergency cars can’t work no more, people get sick and die on the streets, some epidemic starts…
    Aren’t we here right now?…

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