Full Length Documentary On FZ

There’s an “official” Frank Zappa documentary in the making:

The Zappa family is assembling the first full-length documentary about the legendary musical iconoclast, which they plan to release by early next year. They will debut a condensed version of the film on the tour. The documentary spans the guitarist/bandleader/composer’s diverse career, from early performance footage of songs such as “Inca Roads” and “Call Any Vegetable” through sessions for his final project, 1993’s The Yellow Shark.

3 thoughts on “Full Length Documentary On FZ”

  1. “which they plan to release by early next year”
    Hmmm, let’s see…
    I first sniffed the Roxy trailers – and the ’eminant’ release – what, about 6 years ago now? Been sniffing (and whining) ever since?
    Yeah, they’ll release this one after all the legal wrangling is done and I’ll be fucking 90…
    (that’s “in about 40 years” for those unfamiliar with SOFA age; it’s 33 and a third in human terms)

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