Zappa And Linux

Duncan writes:

My son has just informed me that a programme on TV last night mentioned FZ getting a credit in the Linux manual…. He seems to be all over the Linux world. Did we know about this already?

No we didn’t!

This concludes today’s geeky intermission…

6 thoughts on “Zappa And Linux”

  1. “…advanced backdoor…TCP-port ….special ICMP-packet…”
    I’m SO glad I haven’t got a clue what you are talking about!

  2. Why it’s like an advanced backdoor “app” with TCP thingies that do mysterious operations in the background as the ICMP packet thingamabob for ICMP’ing to the UDP-server does its client side UDP voodoo.
    Crystal clear, I mean, really…

  3. Well, I seem to understand the first link – but dont know about the reason. Does anyone know why they thanked anything to FZ?

  4. See also…

    Few enterprises are flexible enough to put up with Tom Davis’ aversion to schedules, his love of loud guitar riffs, the jokes he scatters throughout his program, his insistence on naming it after a Frank Zappa song (“Zoot Allures”).

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