6 thoughts on “Exit Zappa Patio”

  1. Thanks to WinHTTrack I got a complete offline copy of the site last May, about 14Mb (10 Mb zipped). Perhaps I will make it available when the site doesn’t return soon… Those interested can message me on the forum and I’ll see what I can do later on this year, but remember, let’s give BossK some time to sort things out!

  2. Putting the existing stuff back online wouldn’t be so hard — maintaining it, keeping it up to date however is a whole ‘nuther can of worms…

  3. Just to clarify things: too many great sites went down, most of them with the promise to be back online soon, but most never return. That’s why I keep an offline copy of sites I value most. It’s up to the original webmaster to keep things online or to take it down, and there’s always the option to keep things online without updating. And you’re right, a reference site should be online AND maintained but in most cases such a site is the effort of one devoted guy/girl with too little time and money.
    Perhaps a valuable site should be maintained by a a group of devotees, rather than a single individual. And maybe there should be some kind of graveyard repository of redundant/orphaned sites that nobody whishes to maintain, just to keep the info available, rather than losing it. This reminds me, I’ve got a site floating in cyberspace that hasn’t been updated of at least 3 years…mea culpa

  4. Ah and whereabouts on the internets may we find this morsel of cyberspace? :)

    Actually the thought had crossed my mind to build something similar to ZP (the nerve! I know!) but make it a collaborative effort based on MediaWiki‘s software. Not sure as of yet if I’ll pull trough with it though.

    I should also mention that a certain other FZ-related website *cough* is preparing to revive some of those graveyard goodies you mentioned.

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