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  1. Hello from Paris, France
    About the 1968 Olympia concert. As it is written in the book “Zappa In France 1968/1988” (published in 2003) with photos (225! mainly from different Paris concerts) by Christian Rose and text (in french) by Philippe Thieyre, the October 26, 1968 Olympia Concert was the first venue in Paris by Zappa and The Mothers. They also participated a TV program called “Forum Musiques” where they played the 6th track of the Friday/Saturday Gilboot (is there any sleeve linked to it?). The show was broadcasted on October 23, 1968. In the same program there was mainly the french singer Michel Polnareff and the jazz saxophone player Phil Woods and Joe Cocker. Zappa/Mothers came back at the Olympia on June 7, 1969 (without Lowell George). Zappa played drums during that concert as a photo shows it.

  2. Thanks Barry. Gail, Dweezil and Joe – if you’re watching – stuff like this is what I was hoping for from the fabled Vaults! The Mothers played Newcastle City Hall in the UK around this time (unless my memory is faulty). Motorhead had a rubber chicken with him on stage…

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