7 thoughts on “The Case Of The Vanishing Release”

  1. Brian Wilson has a new recording of his lost album ‘Smile’ out this week on the ‘Nonesuch’ label. The chumps at ZFT should have a look at http://www.nonesuch.com/Hi_Band/index_frameset2.htm for some ideas on marketing. Loads of information; links to reviews; you can register with them and and by spreading the word through the Internet get to hear more of the album. You can even get a download, and Nonesuch are getting the album into shops. Wakey Wakey, Gail!

  2. Several observations:
    1. Without knowing their history (I’m sure the label has been bought/sold/bought/sold like everything else) it is great to see one of the favorite eclectic labels of my misspent youth still has some creative life.
    2. I had to laugh reading the RS review. Definitely uppercase/lowercase challenged.
    3. Thank God Brian Wilson had the good sense to call on someone other than JT for vaultmeisterment.

  3. I’m not 100% sure but I think Nonesuch is owned by Elektra which I understand is in turn part of the Warner Bros conglomerate. So I guess that would rule them out in principle so far as the ZFT is concerned! On the other hand, they do have John Zorn on their artistes roster, so maybe they’re not all bad…(if you haven’t heard any John Zorn stuff before, do so now starting with ‘Naked City’.)

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