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  1. Quote from Dr. Sharleena at the KUR forum: “The first purpose for the vine would be to make available the music for people that for some reason can’t download the tracks from the internet; a second, and even more impious and satanic purpose would be to reduce the amounts of downloads in order to improve bandwith situation (see the comments on http://www.killuglyradio.com/hotpoop/archives/001914.php) so Barry doesn’t have to pay too much OVER what he usually pays (btw) to keep this cozy little refugee in which we can avoid that feeling of being a pariah, an expatriate of the musical kingdom, a desperado castaway, a vagrant all alone in the world just because one happens to like Frank Zappa…”… So why not a selection of Friday/Gilles stuff on a vine every month. Should reduce the bandwidth/money issues and should shut down the leeching by ‘you-know-who’. And I’m sure those that voluteered in the ‘Vine Keepers’ tread are still available today.

  2. Frightening stats there Barry, although admittedly not as frightening as the amount of dosh which YOU, inevitably, will have to cough up from YOUR OWN POCKET to pay for it all.
    In my humble opinion, I can’t help but feel that the Uncle Beat forum is not entirely unrelated to this state of affairs ( 29 topics and 398 posts, to date, since it’s inception on 30/12/03 ). It saddens me that discussion / comment / observation has declined so much on the forums at KUR ( I’ve just re-read SOFA’s post of 21/02/04 on the subject “Whatever happened to…………” ). I’m sorry mate, I don’t know what the solution to this is other than to URGE THOSE OUT THERE (yet again) WHO ARE DOWNLOADING THE FRIDAY BOOT TO MAKE A FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION TO KUR VIA PAYPAL.

  3. Thanks for your concern Guac. However, since I’ve put the UMRK rehearsal boot offline, I won’t have to pay that monstruous amount of money (although my heart skipped more than a couple of beats when I first saw the numbers!). As to why this download was particularly popular: I think the fact that it had been linked to on AFFZ may have something to do with it… And yes, we seem to have lost a bit of momentum at the forums. What goes up must come down, I guess. I’m pretty sure though it’ll pick up again sooner or later. :-)

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