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Centerville (Roitters) – In what’s been described as one of the most impressive updates in the history of the web, thebignote‘s SOFA today announced the birth of several new features which he described as “nifty, tuf ‘n bitchin'”. “I think I may cry, ” said the editor in chief, his voice trembling as he called us from his Winnebago stationed near Holland Michigan. “I’m particularly proud of our new magazine, ‘I Never Really Cared For Sports, Illustrated‘, but please tell your readers we’ve also got a new Fake Boot, a massive new portion of FZ-related downloads and an essay written by Mike Keneally!” The editor in chief was last seen running down Main Street wearing nothing but a “Beer Makes Beautiful Bodies” T-shirt, yelling “Viola! Viola!”.

3 thoughts on “Read All About It!”

  1. Viola! Viola! ????

    A viola is a flower or a musical instrument. The expression which means “behold!” is voila. It comes from a French expression literally meaning “look there!” In French it is spelled with a grave accent over the A, as voilà, but when it was adopted into English, it lost its accent. Such barbarous misspellings as “vwala” are even worse, caused by the reluctance of English speakers to believe that OI can represent the sound “wah,” as it usually does in French.

  2. Grammar-nazi: true!! But in this case, trust me on this, the editor in chief really did exclaim “Viola! Viola!”…

  3. Yes, perhaps I should explain…
    In my joyous delerium (and skimpy outfit), I felt like dancing. I didn’t want to call out for any brass – like saxophones, or any violins either; I simply abhor gratuitous sax & violins, you see.
    So, I actually was running down the street calling out for violas – well, because running down the street shouting “cello” would have sounded really stupid; possibly might even have got me arrested as a slightly enebriated Chicano looking for a fruit cup.
    My mother would have never lived down the shame…

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