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  1. The way I see it, Barry (and Sharleena!), Sunday’s Zappathon should be a dynamite show. Recently added guests include David Walley, Ed Palermo, Candy Zappa, Paul Green (of the Paul Green School of Rock), Rabbi Joe Topek (who was present at Armadillo World Headquarters the fateful night “Bongo Fury” was recorded), and possibly Napoleon Murphy Brock and Andre of Project/Object! And still more tba!

    The music library is bursting with rare, unreleased, and otherwise never-before-heard FZ music. Listeners will be able to e-mail requests while the Zappathon is in progress…and if anybody happens to believe in free speech and free media and wants to make a pledge to WUSB Radio during the Zappathon, they’ll be able to get themselves some pretty cool FZ-related premiums, such as the entire FZ Ryko catalog…the now extremely rare Zappanale 13 3-CD set featuring music by Candy Zappa, Ed Palermo, the Grandmothers, and many more…and Nigey Lennon’s “Reinventing the Wheel” CD, featuring John Tabacco, Candy Zappa, and Mike Keneally.

    Sunday…noon until 2 a.m. (U.S. Eastern Time)…what better way to decorate time?

  2. Am I missing something? I went to the site, looked up the program for Sunday (not sure of the date—they don’t list dates!!!), and didn’t see anything concerning FZ. Please, can somebody point me in the right direction? I really don’t wanna miss this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. If you look to the right near the top of the WUSB homepage you’ll see a box marked LISTEN. Click on it, and the audio stream should open (the station streams all the time, not just during the Zappathon). You’ll need Real Player, Windows Media, iTunes, or a similar program to play the audio stream. If for some reason you can’t open the stream, wait a little bit and try again. This is non-NPR public radio, folks, after all! The bandwidth is is what it is…

    The station’s website is currently being redesigned, so it doesn’t have listings at the moment…but rest assured, the Zappathon is definitely happening this Sunday!

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