FZ’s music is alive

Here’s our friend ZombyWoof with come new FZ-covers, his page can be reached from anyplace now, finally. It’s updated regularly – all five works available now are really great, my favorite might be King Kong junior. Your comments are highly appreciated – here, or to his address.

5 thoughts on “FZ’s music is alive”

  1. Listened to Kong and Black Page and they both sound very good, very interesting versions !

  2. ZombyWoof said that since Sunday he had more than a hundred downloads. Thanks to everyone! (it seems people dont like to comment things… :-))
    by the way – did you notice that King Kong is in 4/4 here, but in the original version its 3/4?

  3. I listened to all of them on Sunday — great stuff. Very refreshing to hear these versions with a twist. What’s this “virtual orchestra” about, btw? You pass around a digital track and let everyone add layers to the initial track? I wonder if we could get something like that going on KUR…

  4. The basic of it is MIDI – really small files and can be sent easily. Everyone plays his part, changes things if wants to, and sends it on. Finally it can be arranged – with samples of instuments. ZombyWoof plays the guitars live, sometimes the keyboards. We plan to make this exchange alive on http://www.zappa.hu – now its under construction…

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