5 thoughts on “Moon”

  1. i seem to be cursed. while checking through the “it’s cheap, take it!” box of the book-dealer of my choice for some science-fiction books, i came across some books about jelly, massage and: “America The Beautiful.” Even if i were not a zappa fan, i would start to wonder why i am always running into his name. *ouch, hey you, get away!*

  2. I used to have a Secret Crush on Moon (oooh that National Lampoon’s European Holiday movie!) – until I traded it in for a Secret Crush on Dr Sharleena…
    (Welcome to the neighbourhood, Balint! ;-)

  3. “Photos by Diva Zappa”
    In the article, Moon described her decision to do this particular film because she was intrigued by the idea of Knitting being “scary”
    I bet it was more the influence of Diva’s hats…

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