Reading Pleasures

“This site is for thinking, not surfing. Remember thinking is a subversive activity, especially in this glitzy age. Anyway, what do you have to lose?” David Walley’s (Arts editor of the LA Free Press and author of “No Commercial Potential: The Saga of Frank Zappa”) appealing website. And, while you are at it, find some time to grab The Lost Episodes: An E-mail Correspondence by David Walley and Nigey Lennon. You won’t be disappointed.

5 thoughts on “Reading Pleasures”

  1. Jeez Louise, that was fast. I just replied to
    your e-mail and I’m already on your blog. I’m
    delighted that “The Lost Episodes” are linked
    especially that when I re-worked the site last
    year, I took them off. Perhaps you’ve got an old
    link. Check the one above to see the update.

  2. I’m sorry to sound rude – and let me stipulate that I enjoyed the original ‘No Commercial Potential’ even if Frank didn’t – but… what a load of pompous crap!

    “I was there to see him, not the other way around”. Gosh, REALLY?
    “I was there to seek his counsel, an audience as it were with the King, and when one seeks audiences one is respectful, watchful, and observant.” Gee, is one? Man, I never thought of that! Good thing you managed to be both ‘watchful’ AND ‘observant’.

    “I’m not writing in the Posterity mode — yet.” I notice that Frank, who actually WAS a great artist, would nonetheless never say anything remotely so self-important.

    And the stuff about parody….Frank knew EXACTLY what he was doing with that.

    I’m not saying that ‘no one can criticize Frank!’, but if you’re going to, for god’s sake, know what you’re talking about….or at least say something original. Your writing about Zappa (after the original book was published) reeks with resentment. Maybe he did hurt your feelings; maybe he DID treat you badly. But, frankly, if someone was trying to use MY LIFE as a way to ‘get somewhere’, be successful, and I found that s/he was as self-absorbed as you seem to be, I’d cut you off, too.

  3. you talking to me?

    It’s a shame you weren’t in the room, time and those waves aside. What I tried to do, was use Frnak’s method to write about him. The book was as much about him as the culture from which he came. In some sense it’s an artifact of its time
    (and those waves). Of course Im always amused
    that people get enraged about criticism.

    I don’t know whether it’s been posted but I sent
    Sharleena a copy of an itnerview I did some
    years back with Paul Remington. It might answer
    some of your questions, or, on the other, just give
    you more brickbats to throw at me!

  4. Hi David! We’ve well received your copy of the interview you did with P. Remington (much thanks for that!), and are working on having it published on KUR in the near future – stay tuned…

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