Time Magazine: “The U.S., neoconservatives believe, is unique in its power and its principles. It cannot allow its mission to be tied down by international agreements that diminish its freedom of action. At the same time, neoconservatives insist that theirs is a generous and internationalist vision; other nations, other peoples, will willingly support U.S. policies—which, by definition, are good for them as well as Americans—if only those policies are clearly articulated and implemented with determination.”
Roughly translated: We, the people in charge, know what is best for you and we’ll spoonfeed it to you whether you agree or not. So hey, why don’t you like us?

2 thoughts on “Neoconservatives”

  1. Barry, you’re loving amazing! Thank you; that’s the best expose I’ve read yet explaining how “we’ve gotten to where we are”. I don’t normally read Time (unless I’m waiting in a Doctor’s or Dentist’s office), so I was unaware of it. I’ve been aware of much of the goings on, but seeing it pieced together that way is very, very cool!
    Nice job!
    BTW, the neoconservatives mentioned in this article? They’re the guys with the sign of the fish on their cars that FZ warned us about in the Reagan era. “They are not your friends” he said…
    No shit, folks! Once again, FZ’s prescience blows my mind.

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