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  1. They may know who Michael Kenyon is but I ran a search for “who invented alternating current?”
    The answer came back “Thomas Alva Edison”. This is not only wrong, but VERY wrong. Edison was the most publicly vocal opponent of Alternating Current when it was introduced. He even went on public speaking tours where he would eltrocute dogs, on stage, to showcase the danger inherent in using AC. The theory and functionality of AC was, in fact, invented by Nikola Tesla. Just an FYI.

  2. When I first started using the WWW way back when, the Illinoie Enema Bandit was one of the first things I wanted to find and there used to be a small handful of sites with actual news articles about the crime. They are long gone now for some reason. When I first moved to Chicago, I played the song for a buddy who is from the area the story came from, he remembered it well, as did his father. Laurie Anderson does a great piece called “The Dance of Electricity” about AC current, Tesla and Edison. It’s on her United States Live album…

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