Strictly Personals

•Dear heart, dear heart: have you ordered yet one of the wonderful mugs Debrakadabra made? (yes, “our” Debka!) Frank Zappa’s music and ceramic arts happily collided in the mind of the artist. Here’s where to find them.
Frank Zappa Beard-a-Like: pretty horrible and difficult to navigate but the first one i see with this idea (beards and mustaches Frank’s look-a-like) Wish you guys can improve a little bit your site!
Favored Nations Entertainment is an independent label founded by Steve Vai featuring guitarists such as Eric Johnson (“our” Eric Johnson..? ooh :-), Larry Carlton, Dweezil Zappa and other inspired artists. A good idea in their site is to provide radio phone numbers to request your fav songs for air play (preferently from FN of course) Bookmark it if you live in the US!

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  1. lol, Deb, the link you provide i have put in the word “here’s” in the post . It’s just it’s too tiny! :-) But we put it in the same place…
    Now you guys go on and order one of these unique pieces of memorabilia!

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