Where were you on 9/11?

Where were you on 9/11? I was at work doing stuff on the computer, with the radio mumbling in the background. Then I heard a newsflash about a plane having crashed into the WTC. I told my boss about it, he turned on the TV in his office. We were watching CNN for about 10 minutes when the second plane hit. We didn’t get much work done that day.

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  1. That day, i didn’t get acquainted until i left home to go to work, and went to the minimarket at the corner of my block to buy something. The owner, a chinese guy, was watching tv. I saw those towers and they were repeating the first plane crashing, and i asked him: “are you watching a movie?”, “no, no, not a movie, it’s the CNN” he told me. It was around 11:30 AM in Buenos Aires (i believe), and that was the moment than the second plane crashed in the other tower. We just couldn’t believe what we were seeing, jaws flowing. No explanation we had. I remember that i heard that another plane was going to the Pentagon, and after a while, i remember they told another plane “was shoot down” (fue derribado, in spanish). Those were the words they used to define what happened with the Pensilvania plane in the CNN in spanish. Shoot down.
    I ran to take the bus, because i work in a women’s magazine and wanted to see what was happening, then took the subway (people in the platform were astonished watching the tvs there). Now, memories mixed because i believe i saw the towers collapsed half an hour later, shortly after i arrived to work. But i’m not that sure now…Maybe i was seeing just a repetition? I don’t recall too much the rest of that day, except the inmense sadness, and that i e-mailed friends in the US to see if they were doing fine in their places.
    Now, Osama Bin Laden, if you are seeing this, i’d like to tellya: even if you think you did “the great revenge for the poors in the world”, you did nothing but shit. I live in a poor country, that always depended precariously on the Big Brother. You fucked us up, man. My country and the others around. One year later, i can tellya, you condenmed me and my son to eternal poverty since your “attacks”. We were just poor, now we are starving. And what didya get? Genghis Bush devastating your country. Spending trillions of dollars in arms. Killing thousands of childs, women and men. Millions of Americans justifying bombings in foreign countries. You fucked up the world, man. You are nothing but a murderer and an asshole.

  2. Dr Sharleena,
    Ghengis Bush? You can’t be serious. Bin Laden kills 3000 innocent people and Bush is the asshole. Crawl back into whatever hole it was you live in. You disgust me Dr.

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