Has He Offended Someone?

This morning, I heard “Copycat” on the radio, the song that will represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Festival:

Belgium being Belgium, its Eurovision Song Contest candidate is being elected in turn yearly, between the Flemish and the Wallonian region. This year it’s the Wallonian’s turn, and so the Flemish press is kind of “hush hush, who cares anyway” about it.

The Flemish Elvis-fan-club “ElvisMatters” however was so outraged, they decided to send a letter to the organisation of the festival, demanding a disqualification because the song’s lyrics include the phrase “he’s too fat to rock ’n’ roll” and because, well, it’s an overall mockery of The King.

Now I don’t give a shit about that festival, but I think it’s a wonderful piece of satire, and funny too! Should be a winner!

What do you think? You decide! Vote now:

• If you like the song, comment with: Thinga-mah-ding!
• If you don’t like it, comment with: Quongo-quongo!

Sorry, no fancy poll widget, I am a busy woman…

Stockport For Jimmy

We didn’t know about this until now: apparently there’s a benefit concert for JCB taking place before the one advertised in the banner above on Nov 9th.
This just in from El Bastardo Idiota:

Just a reminder that the first of two UK benefit gigs for Jimmy Carl Black takes place tomorrow:

“Stockport for Jimmy – Indian Aid”
Sunday 26th October 2008, 4-8pm
Bakers Vaults, on the Market in Stockport featuring The Muffin Men, Keith Wilson and The Methylated Spiritualists, and Stockport’s finest The Casualties, there will be a prize raffle and some other loony stuff.


La Cucaracha Esta de Fiesta

Does humor belong in music? Course it does!
I have received just yesterday Ween’s last release “La Cucaracha” as a present from Barry (thanks honey!)
Once again, the band at its best, taking the shit out of almost any genre (including: house!) and delivering impeccably.

However I must warn you, this is one of those “either you get it or you don’t” sorta things.
Unlike other petulant musicians, Gene and Dean don’t mind about fansites offering online a bunch of unofficial mp3’s. They know that’s how people get hooked to their music! If you are completely new to them, pick for instance “The Golden Eel”, “Bananas and Blow”, “Flutes Of The Chi”, “The Mollusk”, “These Nuts” to have a taste.
The band’s official website is regularly updated by Dean Ween, who also keeps a weblog: Brownietroop -have to sign up to be able to read- with a personal diary and fishing report. By the way, they are currently producing a fishing show where you can enjoy their exquisite music: SKUNKED.
I love these guys!

Farewell ZGC

“I’m ending Zappa’s Grubby Chamber, not from oppression but because of the sheer difficulty of physically transporting myself to and from the distant radio station very late on Friday nights, and retaining my health and sanity.
Too bad, because there are lots of unexploited ideas for the show. But I have to focus on my actual job.”


Kevin L. Hoover tells us that tonight is the last ZGC show (more details on his weblog Crush All Boxes. The show starts at 10 PM (Los Angeles time); details to listen online, here.
Good luck in all your endeavors and keep in touch Kevin!

Analog, How I Fear Thy Departure

David Byrne’s Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists — and Megastars.

Is this the future present so many people are afraid of?


Byrne’s one of those quirky visionaries and he does have a point. Still, I wonder… Perhaps, first and foremost, this notion whereby the internet will stick around for eternity, providing us with instantly downloadable digital delight, might well be a fantasy. Second: people like to own stuff. This is about tangible goods. Cardboard LP sleeves. Actual, physical CD boxes even.

The internets is a fragile house of cards. What if we come to depend on it for our sole source of music/entertainment? Am I being an old analog fart?

You tell me.